Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Luton Town: The Modern Era second edition by Roger Wash

This second edition of “Luton Town: The Modern Era” carries on where the first edition left off with extra chapters covering seasons 1998-99 though to 2003-04

Overall it has short matter-of-fact chapters taking in every Luton season from 1967-68, when they won the Division Four title, through to 2003-04, the John Gurney season. The focus of these seems to be very much the transfer activity, these mainly being the days before the restrictive transfer windows were introduced, with some of the key games or runs being picked out too.

Also there is a “match of the season” feature each year where a key match is brought out in more detail, e.g. 1982-83 Manchester City 0 – 1 Luton Town.

There are black and white photos in the middle too, perhaps being moved here after being a little out of sync with the chapters in the first edition. The photos here are also different ones from those from the first edition. 

And at the end there are statistical summaries of each match for each of the seasons covered, although these are restricted to League, FA cup and League cup only, so no Auto Windscreens Shield for example. And if you want to flick between the statistical summaries and the written summaries for each season you need to be checking in different areas of the book.

The ending as a Town fan is a bit better than the first edition as after a long decline following relegation from the top flight in 91-92 through to being in the bottom division there is a promotion season near the end (2001-02). 

Overall then this is a useful bit of history for Town fans to read and find out more about their club.

Publication date: Feb 2009

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