Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy by Cas Lester

Book Review: I read "Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy" with my 4-year-old and 8-year-old daughters over two bedtimes. My daughters liked it because it was a little bit like the Rainbow Magic Fairy books they are so familiar with, what with cutesy names for things like the Bewitched Forest and the Enchanted Palace for example. But the book is different to those books. For starters it features a mischievous fairy as the main character.
Nixie is the Bad, Bad Fairy but the trouble she gets in is not always her fault. Her wand is a bit wonky so "it didn't always do what she wanted." Her nemesis is Adorabella the Goody-goody Fairy who will do anything to appear good, even malicious things to get a little revenge on Nixie, which is what happens in this book, although Adorabella gets her comeuppance of course.
The book is aimed at 5-7 year-olds and all the trouble Nixie causes is innocent enough. The chapters are short and there are a few black and white illustrations along the way. The words used are not as dumbed down as the Rainbow Magic books but that is fine. So this is a decent enough book for early readers.
Publication date: 7 May 2015
Amazon UK link (£5.69): Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy

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