Sunday, 6 December 2015

Olga da Polga by Michael Bond

Book review: Olga da Polga is a 13-chapter book about a guinea-pig called Olga. The chapters tell the tale of life from a guinea-pig's point of view, from moving to a new home from the pet shop, to meeting the family pets and neighbourhood animals when there, to winning a rosette at a show, to getting lost from her hutch and so on. 

But the best bits are where she holds the other animals in awe as they gather around and listen to her tall tales. whether that be her souping up of her rather mundane adventures, or her telling the stories of the history of the guinea-pig. Plus this being a book by Michael Bond, author of Paddington Bear, there is mention of Peru where Paddington also hailed from.

This edition is a gift edition and as such is rather lavish. Along the way are watercolour and spray painted images of Olga and the other animals. Also it comes with a hard-cover and a dust-jacket with shiny writing on. So it certainly looks the part.

Overall a well-produced book a much loved author.

This edition published: 1 Oct 2015

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