Friday, 18 March 2016

Pip and the Paw of Friendship by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Sarah Horne

Book Review: "Pip and the Paw of Friendship" is the story of a Labrador pup called Pip who is a pupil at the Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy where he is training to be an assistance dog. His mum and dad were assistance dogs before him so there are huge expectations on him, which, together with his strong desire to play with balls, leads to problems in his quest to qualify to be an assistance dog and to get his "Paw of Friendship" badge.

This is an early reader book suitable for readers around the ages of 6-8 moving on from picture books to a slightly longer read. It has lots of quality black-and-white illustrations throughout.

I read another Puppy Academy before, the story of Star, and it won't surprise you that the plots are similar, both are training for roles their parents did, both meet obstacles along the way etc. This one though is better because of the emotional connection formed between Pip and his human Kayla.

My 9-year-old and 5-year-old daughters both enjoyed it.

Publication date: 4 Feb 2016

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