Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Fact or Fiction Behind Urban Myths (Truth or Busted)

Book review: I got this book for my 9-year-old daughter, but also read it myself for the purposes of this review. She loves this series of books having already read and re-read  The Fact or Fiction Behind London (Truth or Busted). She loves the facts and non-facts and loves de-mistifying things, especially stuff her mother may have said to her about things like swallowing chewing gum.

The presentation is probably one of the things that appeals to her with bold black and white and grey design throughout and lots of pictures in differing art styles. There's something going on on every page. And the text of the book is very bitesize making it ideal for children, but also ideal for the book to be picked up and read from any page at any time.

As well as the truth or busted bits there were other sections too, like sections called "It'll never happen" where figures from the past have said something about a modern (for the time) contraption and have since been proved wrong, or the "Where in the world" sections where things like champagne and poodles origins are explained and are not as we might have believed. Although these are not necessarily "urban myths" they are still interesting.

My daughter's thoughts on the book: "A lot of old wives tales aren't actually true and you find out in this book." And for me maybe the book was a bit short, being under 100 pages (like the other in the series), but I know my daughter loves it (even if she reads it all within a day) and that is good enough for me.

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