Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Dinosaur Games by David Bedford

So there is an Olympics just about to start in London and a few books coming out with the Olympic theme, this being one of them. The Dinosaur Games follows Titus the T-Rex as he takes part in some of these dinosaur games. There’s even a meteor making an appearance meaning you can have a conversation with your child about whatever became of those dinosaurs.

I read it with my 5-year-old and my 1-year-old. My 1-year-old loved it as she loves all stories with bright pictures. She likened Titus’s big red nose (see cover) to an apple. My 5-year-old didn’t like it so much. She wanted more pink dinosaurs. 

The pictures were designed around four lines of text with only the second and fourth line rhyming. The rhyming was maybe a bit average with the number of syllables per line not matching up, and why does Titus wear socks (answer: to make a rhyme work), and the story was no better than average too. It didn’t really engage my 5-year-old. It felt a little like it was cashing in for the forthcoming Olympics. 

(I got this book through Amazon Vine. It is listed here.)

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