Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Now is the Time for Running by Michael Williams

This book is about recent problems that have engulfed Zimbabwe and recent xenophobia riots that happened in South Africa all with a little bit of football thrown into the mix.

The book follows Deo, who is 14 at the start of the book, as he flees his homeland. He and his elder brother, Innocent, who is disabled have to leave Zimbabwe, their home, after soldiers come to their village and kill everyone after the way the elections happened there. They have to escape the country, which is dangerous especially with Innocent, and once they reach South Africa will they find what they are looking for? Or will unrest there lead to xenophobic riots? Is there a way out – perhaps football can provide the release, or maybe substance abuse?

I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed Innocent as a character and liked the way he lived up to his name somewhat. There were harrowing scenes in the book based on things that have happened in real life. Although this is a work of fiction you can definitely imagine these things having happened in these places. 

The book is quite short and Deo's narration is quite simple but it is definitely worth a read especially if you like football or you want to find out more about the problems faced in Zimbabwe and South Africa in recent years.

(I got this book through Amazon Vine. It is listed on Amazon here.)

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