Friday, 26 September 2014

Asterix and the Big Fight by Goscinny and Uderzo

This is the seventh Asterix adventure and possibly one of the best. 

There is one village in Gaul that holds out against Roman rule. The Romans hatch a plan. "There's one custom that might come in very useful... it's called THE BIG FIGHT!" The big fight happens when the chief of one village wants to take over another village. He challenges the chief of that village to a big fight, like a boxing match, and the winner takes charge of the other's village. The Romans line up "collaborator and as colossal as the Colosseum" Cassius Ceramix of the village Linoleum for the job.

But because of the magic potion, brewed by druid Getafix, chief Vitalstatistix is invincible, so Cassius Ceramix refuses. The Romans then take out the druid, inadvertently as he gets knocked out by a menhir and loses his memory. Therefore the big fight goes ahead.

Of course it is down to Asterix to get things right again and there is a lot of fun and jokes along the way, as well as the normal clever puns and wordplay. All-in-all another great Asterix story.

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Publication date: 1964

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