Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Labrador Theory by Cheever Hardwick

The first thing I had to do upon getting "The Labrador Theory" for the first time was to have a good flick through to look at all the full colour pictures in the book. They are quite beautiful and show Labradors and humans in various situations, often with something amusing to them. And that is probably how to describe the text too - amusing.

The author introduces the book, or his "treatise", by saying that "Labradors act and think like their masters to an astonishing extent" thus by understanding the Labrador we gain a better understanding of how men work. He then demonstrates this through several chapters taking us from "puppies and young boys" through "the glory years" and into later life, through "obsession with ball sports" and "matters of the heart" and much more besides.

The author does seem to put across his theory from an upper class point of view rather than thinking also of how it might fit with the working classes, what with his mentions of shooting of pheasants, boarding schools and having "a large glass of Chateau Pavie".

All-in-all then this book is not to be taken seriously academically as it is tongue-in-cheek, and is more a novelty book that will fit nicely on a coffee table in a gentleman's lounge.

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2014

Available on Amazon UK: The Labrador Theory

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