Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon by Sarah Courtauld

This book has a sense of fun and a sense of adventure within its pages.

The story follows the adventures of two sisters, Lavender and Eliza, who have two different destinies. Eliza was "going to battle dragons and giants. She was going to vanquish monsters and travel to distant mountains." Her sister Lavender's destiny was "almost certainly going to feature a handsome prince."

It is because of Lavender's wish for a Prince that she gets in trouble being kidnapped for ransom in a castle surrounded by a moat where the Monstrous Moat-Dragon mentioned in the title of the book lives. It is up to Eliza, the more sensible sister as she doesn't have her head in the clouds, to save her.

The humour in the book is the same type of silly, surreal humour as made popular in the Mr Gum books. The drawings that accompany the text are pretty unique being quick pencil drawings and as such they carry a particular type of charm.

My 7-year-old really enjoyed the book. The first day we started reading it she went off and read the rest on her own, which shows her interest.

Publication date: 03 Jul 2014

Award: Sainsbury's Childrens Book Awards, fiction for age 5-9 years

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