Monday, 18 May 2015

David Beckham by David Beckham

Book review: "David Beckham" by David Beckham is an A4-sized, hard-covered, glossy picture book with a few pages of David Beckham's written reflections in between. Across eight chapters (England part one, London, Manchester, England part two, Madrid, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris) Beckham "looks at some of the images from my career and talk about what I was feeling at the time."

Because this is not an autobiography, Beckham has done that already, it doesn't cover his whole life, e.g. the Alex Ferguson moment with the boot is not mentioned, but it does cover the major events of his career: the free-kick against Greece, the sending off versus Argentina, the treble season with United etc., and the pictures and words do cover his whole career, from boyhood teams to retirement at PSG. There are a few modelling pictures along the way too, for Beckham fans who enjoy that sort of thing.

Beckham also demonstrates his wry wit. On his sending off against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup he writes "I texted Victoria and asked her if she had seen what had happened. She replied straight away to say that it didn't seem as if I had done much wrong. That was reassuring to hear, although, to be fair, she was not a football expert."

Through the rest of the book Beckham's love for his family comes through, as well as how important hard work was to getting him to where he got too, and how important it is to reach the heights in any profession.

Altogether then a lavishly illustrated mini-autobiography of a superstar footballer that will satisfy all Beckham fans.

Publication date: 31 October 2013

Amazon UK link (£7.95): DAVID BECKHAM by DAVID BECKHAM

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