Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lucy the Diamond Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Book Review: I read this with my 8-year-old daughter who loves these rainbow fairy books. Anyone who has read any of them before will know why. They are designed perfectly for her age group and younger. Each story features best friends Kirsty and Rachel having to help out a fairy friend from Fairyland in their perpetual battle against Jack Frost and the goblins. This one is no different.

This story is about Lucy the Diamond Fairy (maybe the name was inspired by a Beatles song?). Jack Frost has stolen the diamond from Fairy Queen Titania's tiara. Lucy needs to get the diamond back because the diamond controls flying magic and without it the fairies' "wings grew fainter and fainter, and now they have vanished". It falls upon Kirsty and Rachel to help Lucy sort it out of course.

Along the way there are also a number of clear and simple pictures to bring the text alive, and the story is written in big text too ideal for early readers.

As for my daughter she loved the story, the pictures and also the opening poem. If I was to be critical I would say that if you read a lot of these rainbow fairy books then the plots are rather similar with each seeing the girls having to recover a lost item for the fairy from Jack Frost and the goblins in each book, but my daughter doesn't mind. 

Overall a typical rainbow fairy story that little girls will love.

Publication date: 8 Sep 2005

Amazon link (£4.99): LUCY THE DIAMOND FAIRY

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