Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Frozen: Back-to-School Kit by Disney Learning #bookreview

Book review: This little kit contains five A5 full-colour 16-page booklets. There are books for: 

  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Words to Read and Learn
  • Sticker Book

My daughter is between Reception and Year 1. She has been doing these books today. She gives them 5 stars. They hold the interest. This is because they have variety to them, not only across the books but also within the books with the activities being different. Also she hasn't found the books too difficult which is another thing that can turn her off these sort of things. These workbooks seem the correct difficulty for her (age 5-6 as stated on the product) and contain concepts she has come across at school, like the number line. Another good point is the reward element with one of the books being the sticker book, which she can't wait for although she has to wait until the other books are done first (each with a certificate page at the end that she can put her name on once she has completed them). Lastly these are Frozen themed and the theme doesn't seem to be just tacked on as it sometimes can be - the tasks include the Frozen characters. 

So although short and likely to be completed within a day these are still worth it for my 5-year-old daughter as she prepares to go back to school in September.

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