Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron

This book is the tale of a dog, except it is more like four tales of a dog all joined together thanks to the use of reincarnation. The first story seemed a bit unimpressive to me, about a dog being born wild, being captured then being kept in a yard with other dogs. Then the story ended and we were introduced into a new world with all the old characters that had been introduced being disregarded and a new dog's life starting.

But this story was better, about the dog and his relationship with a boy. And the dog remembers his previous life. Then onto the next story following another reincarnation, sop more characters discarded. This was another good story with the dog this time being a search and rescue dog, saving lives.

And all the while, although the book is termed as a dog finding his purpose in life, it seems he's got it all worked devoting not a lot of time to what his purpose is.

But the last story comes with a twist because some of the characters from one of the old stories re-appear. And at the end he does realise what his purpose was all along.

So after a slow start the book gets better with some emotional moments along the way. Not just for Christmas.

(I got this book through Amazon Vine. It is listed on Amazon here.)

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