Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sweet Farts #3: Blown Away by Raymond Bean

So the author’s bio says that he writes “for kids who claim they don’t like reading.” And that is definitely who this book is aimed for as it is short, taking about an hour to read, simply written and full of fart jokes. This explains how he consistently gets into the top 100 lists for children humour books.

This is the third book in the series. The second book covered the same characters preparing for a science fair and this one follows the characters as another science fair approaches. Despite this the two books are quite different and no prior knowledge of the previous books in the series is required.

In this one the boy Anthony seemed to be a bit more vicious than in the previous one where his interactions were more banter-like. So I didn’t like that but the story whizzed along quickly and he did get some recompense the end. 

I wonder what the next book in the series will be? The boys (and Emma) preparing for yet another science fair? Or something else? Hopefully not.

(I got this book through Amazon Vine. It is listed on Amazon here.)

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