Thursday, 26 July 2012

Times Table Explorer by Dr. Maths

This is a book of 30 quests like the short example on the front where the explorer starts at an X on a map then makes his way across the map to one of the locations upon it dependent on the working out of the multiplication sums. Each answer gives the number of spaces you can move and the direction is given by a compass point at the beginning of the question. After this is complete there is a space to draw a picture relating to the journey (first one is of a boat journey) and also a bonus question to answer.

My daughter is 5 and hasn't done times tables before. We started these and she enjoyed doing them despite not knowing her times tables to start with. Day 2 and she requested that we do more - a sign that she enjoyed it. Also I noticed she'd picked up on what we'd done and was able to do the sums better - she was learning.

The pages can be ripped out of the book, photocopied and used in a classroom situation if required (50 copies permitted). And solutions are in the back of the book too just in case you need them.

We will continue through the book and see how far we can go because later on the times tables will be harder (i.e. higher numbers are used) but I am really happy with it so far. She finds it fun and wants to go back to it each day plus she is improving her times tables knowledge. I can't think how you could make multiplication sums more fun to learn so well done to Dr. Maths for putting this together.

My only negative is that older kids who can easily do times tables might not like this. But for us it is perfect.

(I got this book through Amazon Vine. It is listed here.)

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